Sacred Blood.

The time of the flow....
when sometimes it is best to let life just flow.

Calling our bleeding time "the curse" is a misnomer originating from the description of menstruation as 'women's courses'. Still, for some of us the arrival of our periods or pre~menstrual tension can be a very painful and uncomfortable time.

Our bleeding sets us apart from the non physical world of the mind, it connects us to our flesh and blood, it reminds us of the Great Mother from whom all life came and it brings us back to Earth. Just as walking between the high and low tide lines along the beach can connect us in meditation to both the spiritual and the physical worlds the same can be said of our bleeding.

It is a time to respect and reconnect with the giving of the Mother. A time to celebrate our powers, our intensity and our intuition; our woman gifts.

For those of us who suffer pain and discomfort during this time there can be relief. Our ancient sisters and their workings with the herbs left us great knowledge that modern pain "killers" can not match.


Chamomile, whose German name means mother herb. is one of the greatest gifts to women who suffer during their cycle.

Chamomile tea has a calming effect on the nervous system and is beneficial during premenstrual tension. Chamomile calms the liver and reduces anger and irritability, its' effect is both sedative and anti depressant.

Period pain, or menstrual cramps caused by the spasm or contraction of the uterine muscles can be relieved with a very gentle massage using a body oil such as Apricot Kernel or Macadamia with an addition of 3 % infused chamomile oil. or a warm compress over the abdomen. (Chamomile oil is most often bought as an infusion. Pure Chamomile is very strong, sticky and expensive)

A foot bath with chamomile flowers and Epson salts can be very helpful if you don't have the time for a long soak. However if you can make the time to nurture yourself during your bleeding or pre~menstrual time you can empower yourself with a ritual bath ...

This is just one idea:

Light candles around the bath tub
choosing your own colours:
Red for strength, connection with our life force blood,
Yellow for confidence,
Orange for encouragement and stimulation.

Sprinkle bath salts, epsom salts, rock or sea salt
mixed with chamomile flowers
and a dash of apple vinegar
into the running water.
Light incense or an oil burner with an uplifting oil such as Geranium or Rosemary.
Take some beautiful music to listen to,
leave the answering machine on,
shut the door,
enter the water and a world away.

amongst the flowers
and gently remember your hopes and dreams

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