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In many societies women have traditionally held the secrets of healing magic. As those gifted with the responsibilty for bearing and raising children, the ability to care for self and child is an invaluable skill. The connection with nature, the knowledge of plants and herbs, and the intuition to hone in on problem areas were gifts that became feared by those who did not possess them. Many of this ancient knowledge was purged from our society over thousands of years, culminating in the burning of the 'witches' during the inquisition.


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Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing for Wise Women and Green Witches. Natural alternatives for women with health concerns including: menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, fertility issues, breast health and cancer prevention. A forum to share experiences and lots of information about Susun Weed - herbalist and author of women's health books.

Wholehealthmd.com provides well researched information on complementary and alternative medicine

Factsheets on Women's Health from Women's Health Queenslandwide

Raven Dance's Web Page...for the Working Witch Information on such things as the moon phases,the sign the moon is in, the planetary hours, the day etc., that the working witch takes into consideration before creating a ritual or spell.

Childrens health - an excellent alternative children's health site with information on herbal remedies, vaccination and other important topics

Organic Herbal Medicine from Mullumbimby Herbals - Very high quality herbs grown in Australia. Will ship worldwide. Phone consultations available.

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