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glass goddess pendants


Pewter Goddess Pendants

Wear the power and the magic of the goddess around your neck!


Womb Goddess Pendant

The Chevron is a symbol of the womb. The spiral is a symbol of thejourney toward the center; towards healing and becoming whole. It also points the way to the center and source of life; to the womb of the Goddess and that of each woman. Men pay it reverence in their own robust way, while women constantly look to it as a reminder of who they are. Because the womb is also a symbol of both infinity and eternity. To be alive is so very mysterious, and beyond understanding, its origins must lie in something infinite. To move towards the center and source of life is the movement into spirituality. The womb, source of birth, and awakening into this world, is a symbol of awakening and spirituality. As such, it is one of the oldest spiritual symbols in the world.



Moon Goddess Pendant

In almost every culture the moon is a woman. The monthly cycles of the moon seem to show the monthly cycles of women as though in a sacred magic mirror. Each month the Goddess paints the face of the moon with the same picture; over and over. And the theme of that picture is the power of women and the sacredness of the energy that each woman carries in her womb. The crescent moon, set against the stars, echoes each woman’s unique sense of self of herself, even as she lives as only one person among many. In many cultures, arms held over one’s head are a posture of prayer. The hands seem to reach toward the higher; toward the stars, the moon and planets, and toward something that lies without; toward the larger universe in which we live. Although this posture reaches outwards, the longing it expresses finds fulfillment by looking within.



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