Goddess Glass - Feminine Power Objects

Colin Heaney, famous world-wide for his distinctive handblown art glass, designed for yOni.com a range of exquisite glass power objects featuring one of the most ancient representations of feminine beauty, the Venus of Wilendorf. Dating back around 28,000 years, the Wilendorf Goddess (rediscovered near Wilendorf in Austria) is a small stone figurine with abundant breasts, abdomen and buttocks. Quite unlike the images of feminine beauty that we know today, this representation of woman from ancient times celebrates the fertility and lush abundance of feminine form.

There has been much speculation as to her purpose and origin. She clearly represents abundance and fertility and may well have been a devotional art object created by our ancestors to establish a personal connection with the immense and unpredictable forces which dominated their lives. The venus of Wilendorf is not alone but one of numerous examples of similar 'Venus' figurines that have been found.

Colin has now retired as a glass artist but there are a limited number of pendants and goddesses still available in the yOni.com shop.