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'The Vulvalicious® Cushion'

Handmade fabric art pieces, beautiful, tactile and anatomically accurate representations of female genitalia. Using the latest scientific research to present some of the lesser known structures that contribute to feminine arousal.
[Product Details...]


'The Vulvalicious® Mini'

These beautiful, handmade, tactile and anatomically accurate representations of female genitalia are the Vulvalicious Cushion's little sister - still with all the internal structures represented that contribute to feminine arousal.
[Product Details...]

You Save: US$21.00

Ankh Ring for Him

Imbue your partner with the Power of Life with this stunning ring.
[Product Details...]


Birthing yOni pendant

These beautiful handmade vulva pendants feature a crowning head - a glorious testament to the creative power of the feminine.
[Product Details...]


Cauldron Pendant

Symbol of the great goddess of birth, the cauldron signifies the womb of reincarnation and regeneration. Available in a wide range of precious gemstones.
[Product Details...]


Crone Pendant

A crone is a wise woman who aids others with the benefit of her life experience. She is a woman in the second half of life, at the peak of her power.
[Product Details...]


Do The Kegel - mp3 Download

Would you enjoy increased vaginal sensation and more frequent orgasms? "Do the Kegel" is a cheeky, cheerful song that gives you simple instructions and heaps of motivation to do those 'oh so important' pelvic floor exercises.
[Product Details...]


Do the Kegel CD

A cheeky catchy squeeze-along song to encourage you to do your pelvic floor exercises
[Product Details...]


Double Venus Hook Earrings

Embrace your feminine power and celebrate your sexuality with these stunning silver earrings
[Product Details...]


Double Venus Pendant Bronze

Celebrate the divine love between women with this beautiful bronze or sterling silver pendant.
[Product Details...]


Double Venus Pendant Sterling Silver

Celebrate the divine love between women with this beautiful bronze or sterling silver pendant.
[Product Details...]


Earth Dancer Pendant

Show your free spirit with this beautiful Sterling Silver pendant with your choice of Amethyst or Earthstone bead.
[Product Details...]


Elation Earrings Bronze

Let your heart soar as these free-spirited ladies dangle from your ears.
[Product Details...]


Elation Pendant

Celebrating the joy and mystery of this elusive part of life.
[Product Details...]


Embrace Earrings Woman/Woman

An image of the encompassing physical tenderness available to women who love women.
[Product Details...]


Embrace Pendant

A celebration of female love and tenderness. Available in bronze or sterling silver.
[Product Details...]


Embrace Puzzle Ring

A gorgeous gift for the special man or woman in your life.
[Product Details...]


Flight Dreams Pin

This is how freedom feels - a purely joyful soaring of the spirit! Available in silver or bronze.
[Product Details...]


Fluffy Pussy Purse

Sumptuous red ruffled lips are surrounded by burgundy velvet and feathers. Pinch the base and reveal a soft pink satin lining the inner walls.
[Product Details...]


Free Spirit Pendant

Fly free with this beautiful Free Spirit Pendant. Also available as earrings.
[Product Details...]


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Results 1 - 20 of 94
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