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Triple Goddess Maiden-Mother-Crone Ring

Wear the power of the generations on your finger!
[Product Details...]


Turtle Charm

The turtle is a potent symbol of evolution & longevity and in some cultures represents the power of feminine energy.
[Product Details...]


Turtle Cuff Bracelet

Turtles have an enviable and god-like resistance to aging and so they have come to symbolize longevity as well as feminine energy.
[Product Details...]


Turtle Pendant

Wear turtle magic around your neck with a choice of healing stones.
[Product Details...]


Turtle post earrings

Symbol of longevity and feminine energy. Available in sterling silver and gold plated.
[Product Details...]


Tush Teaser

An Arabesque exclusive, this sterling silver form is inserted anally for exquisite stimulation!
[Product Details...]


Venus Charm Bracelet

Show your inner Goddess when you wear your Venus Charm Bracelet! This Sterling Silver Bracelet comes with 5 Charms - yOni, Goddess Primordial, Double Venus, Labyris and Lambda.
[Product Details...]


Voices of Gaia CD

The Voices of Gaia sing of the delights and the challenges of women in today's world. An eclectic collection of 17 original tracks.
[Product Details...]


Wemoon Lights

The ultralight recyclable pantyliner for everyday comfort, light flow, spotting, everyday discharge and mild incontinence.
[Product Details...]


Wemoon Maxi Menstrual Pads

For heavy, extra-heavy, sudden or overnight menstrual flow, post-partum flow and incontinence. The reliable double absorbency core, extra length and built-in leak proof layer keeps you secure.
[Product Details...]


Wemoon MoonBag

For those who choose to soak their pads before washing the MoonBag provides a beautiful and discreet cover for a 2 litre soaking jar.
[Product Details...]


Wemoon MoonPurse

A discreet and hygenic purse designed to carry your Wemoon pads when you are out and about.
[Product Details...]


Wemoon Nights - fitted period panties

Wemoon's Nights are slim, extremely comfortable, fitted lingerie pads for ultimate night wear.
[Product Details...]


Wemoon Nights extra side elastics

To make our Nights lingerie fully customisable for every woman's body shape and preferences we have made the side elastics available as a separate item.
[Product Details...]


Whole Lotta Frackin' Going On CD

Heartfelt lyrics set to cool grooves - this compilation CD is a musical protest about the dangers of fracking and Coal Seam Gas mining.
[Product Details...]


Woman Chain Anklet

This slender sterling silver anklet is the perfect subtle expression of your feminine power.
[Product Details...]


Woman in the Moon Earrings

It seems likely that the face we see in the moon, associated with female spirituality, is a woman. Why not celebrate her!
[Product Details...]


Woman Link Bracelet

A gorgeous expression of womanhood, this sterling silver bracelet will add that feminine touch to any outfit.
[Product Details...]


Woman/Woman Embrace Necklace

Show your love for womankind by wearing these gentle lovers around your neck.
[Product Details...]


Womansong CD

This classic album of chants and goddess and woman-inspired songs has been used in circles, rituals, gatherings and healing women's work all over the world.
[Product Details...]


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Results 81 - 100 of 127
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