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.. the gifts in our range that have a healing emphasis.

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'Mini' Vulva Puppet

The baby sister of the Wondrous Vulva Puppet - Vulva Puppet Minis.
[Product Details...]


'The VulvaliciousĀ® Cushion'

Handmade fabric art pieces, beautiful, tactile and anatomically accurate representations of female genitalia. Using the latest scientific research to present some of the lesser known structures that contribute to feminine arousal.
[Product Details...]


Creation Mandala

An excellent tool for healing, this one of the strongest sacred geometric shapes. Giving the creation mandala to someone is like giving them the whole universe in one jewel!
[Product Details...]


Golden Heroine Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oil Blend to awakening the gifts of the inner Grecian Stateswoman, Athena such as clarity of thought, self-motivation & inner courage.
[Product Details...]


Heart Star

The Heart Star activates the heart chakra, healing and purifying the emotional body and cleansing abandonment and betrayal.
[Product Details...]


How to Become a Sexual Healer

Sexuality is a healing force. In this audio CD, the second in the Pleasure Principle series, sexpert Barbara Carrellas explores the new/ancient secrets of the healing power of sex.
[Product Details...]


Journey through the 12 Chakras

A guided meditation to help you to balance and harmonise your entire energy system.
[Product Details...]


Meditations With Golden Light CD

Four guided meditations with Golden Light for relaxation, for a protected and energetic day, for forgiveness and for restful sleep.
[Product Details...]


Meeting Your Inner Lover

This audio CD is designed to show you how your sensuality and sexuality can be the key to greater health and happiness.
[Product Details...]


Relieving Back Pain DVD

The exercises in this DVD are designed to relieve headaches, stress, back aches and tension... without dangerous drugs or painful surgery!
[Product Details...]


Return to the Heart CD

A guided energy work session designed to support you to clear any energetic ties with people that no longer serve you.
[Product Details...]


Smudge Stick

Smudging is very effective when you've been feeling depressed, angry, resentful or unwell or after you have had an argument with someone.
[Product Details...]


Spirit Healer Goddess Statue

A beautiful bronze goddess figurine for your altar or mantlepiece
[Product Details...]


Spirit Healer Pendant

Representing the innate quality of nurturing & healing,the Spirit Healer shows us the beauty of our inborn inclination to compassionate action. Available in a range of gorgeous gemstones.
[Product Details...]


Yoga At Home

Yoga is a gentle way to increase health and vitality. In this DVD series Jacinta guides you through a series of yoga postures that you can do at home.
[Product Details...]


yOni shields by Leslie Olin

Exquisite art pieces handmade from natural materials by the artist, Leslie Olin.
[Product Details...]


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