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Wemoon MoonPurseWemoon Nights extra side elastics

Wemoon Nights - fitted period panties
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Wemoon Nights - fitted period panties



Price: US$29.36

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Wemoon Nights

Not just a pad ... Wemoon's washable period panty is the ultimate in padded underwear. In fact it is too sexy to be called padded underwear - we call it our fitted lingerie pad! Suitable as a menstrual or incontinence pad, the snug, fitted gusset handles absolutely any flow, while the longer back section catches every last drop.

black_nights_back.jpg Nights are snug and contoured with elasticised edges and extra fitted pad length that catches any flow, even when lying down. And the special touch—removable, adjustable side elastics for a perfect fit for every woman. Nights are available in ruby, leopard and black 100% cotton flannelette.

With Nights you can have a good night's sleep knowing that your sheets will be clean in the morning.

Nights sizing
Nights come in three different pad lengths—small, medium and large. But the real convenience comes in the adjustable side elastics that can be removed and used with different Nights. Each pad comes with removable elastics in same size as the pad but you can order different elastics to suit your size and preferences.

Here's how to choose the right Nights for you:

Step 1: First of all, choose a pad length. This is really personal preference, because even if you are quite petite, you may prefer the Large Pad Length for maximum protection. Larger women may also choose a smaller pad length, if they prefer to wear their Night pad lower on the hips. Use a tape measure to see where the pad length you have chosen will sit on your body.

Crotch Width
10cm / 3.9 inches
11cm / 4.3 inches
11cm / 4.3 inches
Pad length
50cm /  19.7 inches
54cm /  21.2 inches
58cm / 22.8 inches
Hip Measurement
(minimum - maximum)
67-80cm / 26.4-31.5 inches
73-88cm / 28.7-34.6inches
77-96cm / 30.3-38 inches

Step 2: Now, measure around your hip area at the point where you expect the pad to rise up to on your body. If the hip measurement of the size you have chosen matches your own hip measurement then the side elastic that comes with your Nights will be a perfect fit for you. If however the hip measurement of the size you have chosen is too large, then you will need to order an extra pair of smaller side elastics. If the hip measurement of the size you have chosen is too small, you will need to order a larger set of side elastics



Red Tartan 

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