Before Sunrise

This place
this clear place
broad batik vistas

assembly hall
for geese call
and refrain

Infinite distance
is no distance
no before

where clouds
are moving

fans for

and dispersing
in all directions

where flat rocks
are sleeping

This place
this transparent

is not
my home, yet...
Yet I belong.

Simply because
my pelvis
says so.

Simply because
my eyes feel

Simply because
my blood says

pedalling my heart
emphatically forward
toward Endurance

cycling evolutions
of grief, my own,
not my own.

No longer
to be here.

No longer
the victim
of not being here

of not belonging
to some where
to some one.

I live where I am seeded.
I live where I perch and sing.
I live where I feel alive

where I dream
of extinguished mammals
waking up.

I live where I create
from instinct
where I'm recreated

in God's image
like the sky
before sunrise

like the rolling sky
like the mountains moving
in the morning sky.


Elise Stone Binder

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