Fly, fly high,
Fly into the light
Fly, fly free,
Sweet Damini

During the afternoon of Tuesday 28th May Damini was visiting a friend. Her friend had planned to go on a joy ride in a small plane after their meeting but when the moment came to go she decided against it. Damini with characteristic spontaneity jumped to go in her place. Soon after take-off the plane's engine failed. It plummeted and crashed into a tree shooting a fireball into the sky, and with it Damini's soul.

Damini we will miss you.

for your bright spirit,
for your bubbling optimism,
your strength
and your deep intuitive knowing.


for long raves over tea and tarot,
for the wild parties
the still, silent spaces.


for the gift of your voice,
and of your poetry
for leaving those behind for us.


I have to beleive that you chose this time to leave us,
that it is right for you,
for your soul's journey.

You gave yourself so intensely to life.
And now
in death
you are still giving.
A jolt of awareness
a zen stick reminder
that we only have this moment
to live in
and to share our love.

Sweet Damini
may your spirit fly free.
Blessed be!

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