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Visions of a Dreamer’s incomparable wisdom - Part Four

an interview with ‘tsanti Maria Yraceburu Dreamer of Quero Tlish Diyan by Joe Montoya


Honor generations of Wisdom keepers

'The time is December 10-14, 2008, epicenter Kona, Hawaii.  Grandmothers and individuals from all over the world will sit with the Kahuna in a traditional sharing.  On December 12th’s full Bear Moon, humanity will make a combined decision that shall affect life as we know it.  Where the Grandmothers sit on sacred Lemurian soil, a sign of confirmation will be seen.  Those that sit witness, having received the teachings, will confirm to the world and carry the messages and imagery forth, just was those who went to Hopi now do.

'To be an emissary for the Elders, and Dreamer of this time is an unusual life.  It’s a responsibility that takes a certain amount of fortitude.  I feel that to render good service to my tradition and the world, it is important to respect all levels of my life, including my physical form.

'After the lightning strike, I had to automatically slash my schedule and, in proper protocol with my tradition, began passing power - facilitation of smaller community circles, to others ready to step into power.'

Just in time

'I have slowed down to receive more, and interact with more people.  Many, including journalists, come asking guidance regarding what’s happening in the world.  We just finished a movie with Alberto Villoldo, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Maria Theresa Valenzula and Sharron Rose from Sacred Mysteries that should help people get a better understanding.  I think it will be released in the Fall of 2009.

'It is the tradition of earth to share what we know.  I lecture, facilitate ceremony, many off which balance and align human energies with those of the planet.  These are of utmost importance.

'In the past my ancestors knew the Earth was alive and by doing regular celebrations to honor the multidimensional aspects of life... all life evolved smoothly.  I have been trained in these rituals since childhood, I am a spontaneous ritualist since the lightning.  I can break into ritual at a hawk flying by, or a special signal from a stone.  Whatever calls us to ceremony, it is always effective.  We simply pray from our hearts and express the power of our united truth.'

Live creating the best memories of your life

'Since I have become a Dreamer, I have to some extent become less nomadic.  I still travel, but I find my physical form coincides with my ability to just be.  I am always conferring with elders.  My accessibility has declined slightly because of my new found talent of short circuiting phones and computers.  I guess I help the world slow as I resort to pen and paper.

'Basically, I find life full of potential.

'I dream with intent.  I don’t do it randomly.  Sometimes it will take a day or two once intent has been set, other times I can slip into the dream reality at a moment’s notice.  Chanting sometimes carries me.  There is an intense inner feeling, the fogginess, then white light flash, and I am elsewhere gathering what I need to retrieve.'

Responsibilty in action

'I am translating prophecies.  They are very poetic and hard for many to understand.  As time passes it becomes clearer they speak a language of the heart.  They appear in prose.  Ritual to be done can sometimes be found in the lines.

'When Naylin Lage comes forth to share, I don’t remember much.  I might get images and sensations in the days that follow, and a year or two later I may have a small cross section memory.  It’s my understanding she takes over my whole body, and often looks people directly in the eyes.  For me, it’s like the lightning - a moment out of time.  My responsibility is not to fight it.

'I know a lot of well known people that are doing this work.  We’re family.  We sit together and discuss things we are passionately doing.  We bounce ideas off one another, play together and confirm one another.

'I don’t think any of my friends need my advice, though I am asked.  They’re getting the same messages I am.  I believe the Sacred  Parents put us together to inspire one another and provide a space to just be without trying.  Authenticity is really important to people like me. Unfortunately, so many people don’t even know who their authentic self is... that’s part of why my friends and I do what we do.'

Humanity's Obsession

'I would tell people there is no more time.  Reality is already a different manifestation than what we have known.  Earth and spirit have always created for our benefit.  The awareness of earth is now growing in humanity.  This is happening for more reasons than thinning ozone or magnetic core reversal, but from an active awakening to life spirit.  Worldwide people turn to faith of one form or another.  We must Come Together, and everyone, including governments and religions, must begin to consider the earth in every equation.

'The Grandmothers carry the continuance of the future.  The beauty of our common nobility is what we must focus on.  The transition from mind to heart will take place in a split second, but attention to each step of the journey takes awareness in the exact moment.

'NOW is the time to remember: “We have come from the Earth Mother.  We have come from the Sky Father.  We have come into this circle to be all we can be.  We are All Our Relations.  This is our prayer and we are grateful..  And so it is...”'

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Maria Yraceburu can be reached through Yraceburu EarthWisdom.

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