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Visions of a Dreamer’s incomparable wisdom - Part Three

an interview with ‘tsanti Maria Yraceburu Dreamer of Quero Tlish Diyan by Joe Montoya


Vulnerable to mass hysteria

'I have been asked many questions - and the integrity of my dreams and actions tested.  The Elders gather in support with each of my initiations.  The Elders have asked me to help organize gatherings for the expressed purpose of initiating humanity’s consciousness, and Sisters of Honua was born.

'My tradition believes that the snake bite foretold my truth as a spiritual expression of an ancestral Holy One’s return... in my case, Naylin Lage.  As a child I had a propensity to ceremony, healing, and prolific dreaming.  Dreams would present past life memories that instilled a know-how of teachings that I had yet to receive.  After the lightning, Grandmother’s presence became more of a merging of consciousness..  In many instances, Naylin Lage often steps forward to assist those who gather in circle with me.  It’s an overlapping of time-space vision that allows this.

'In early 2008, during some extremely difficult bouts with the lightning sickness - which we have discovered is a barometer for humanity’s combined health - I thought I might cross without seeing the new energetic paradigm.  I felt no fear, but experienced disappointment at not having completed my task.  I had a very special thing happen... I surrendered to it. I began experiencing more and more unusual situations.  Gradually I recovered and recognized the empathic earth nature of what happens to me.'

It's not often a dream survives a lifetime

'I’ve always been connected to the cycles and great wisdom of my tradition, but this dream reality that has encapsulated my life has taken this knowing to a deep cellular understanding. Upon reaching this understanding, I see the Rainbow Bridge built in the Coming Together work we do.... the Making of Relations... Family.'

Maria’s vision of the future of Humanity

'It is commonly believed that 2012 will produce a mass shift in human existence.  This belief, no doubt, gives humanity a sense of security.  Although I understand this, I also see that the work of awakening is active NOW, in the present.  When we are open to the shifting energies and surrender into them with faith, we experience peace and fullness of heart.

'It has been this year that the full recognition of my service has been publicly acknowledged by the Elders.  As the planet and humanity have experienced the shifting equilibrium of polar reversal, I have begun ritual to ground the new reality’s magnetic grid work.  At this time, I receive the Polynesian teachings of Lemuria.  I feel exhilarated to share all the teachings of Earth Guardianship with humanity.  Also I wish to share the Elders instructing me, as their time of Passing Power comes close.  This arena provides them with the fulfillment of their own life prophecy of continuance.  These teachings become more important with the growing intensity of world energy shift.'

An unusual time of resolution

'I was given a vision of gatherings, the cross cultural traditions - Grandmother Wisdom Keepers - stepping forward to share the truth of this time, and I sought council from the Elders, themselves.  The first was Grandfather Martin, the last of the four Hopi priests who had carried the prophecies to the United Nations.  He confirmed the Passing Power - the male Prophecy Keepers of the 4th World consciousness to the female Wisdom Keepers of the 5th World paradigm. This sent involuntary sensations through my body, and I became overwhelmed with visions.

'When I spoke to Aunty Happy Pahia, Hawaiian Kahuna Elder, I was greeted with a Guardianship Initiation - and an unexpected turtle tattoo.  That day, destiny overwhelmed me and life has become very different.  When I see people I haven’t seen in a long time, they see a difference.  I am shrinking.  I am simply becoming an elder.

'Not an elder in the 4th World concept of becoming frail and phasing out, but in the indigenous concept of being at ease with purpose and power.  This means the complete conceptualization and integration of dynamic flow..  There is no more trying.  Only that which is.  My life has presented a precious opportunity to serve.  I serve the Grandmothers and the principles of earth wisdom to the best of my ability.  I pray for a graceful transition from alienation to peace. The physical sensations of a world in transition grow each day.'

Foretold in smoke

'As we leave behind a history of Soul Sickness, we find that earth has created a perspective that heals.  The illusion falls apart.  So each night, I spend quite some time dreaming so I can bring messages during the day.  This done, I find rest.

'In the night of my dreams, I have seen the human heart of compassion open to hear the earth mother.  It is early in our transitions and it is time to begin initiation... il’jooni klo’bijii... I have seen us walking to where we can see the rainbow encircling the planet.  Then we pick up our blankets of power. This is metaphoric in the claiming of sacred truth.  This auspicious moment is connected to earth changes... weather, earthquakes, volcanoes.

'Next we join the elders, everyone is very joyous.  It feels extremely pleasant, emotionally balanced and equilateral.  When the Grandmothers asked me to gather others, I was humbled.  To all, I offer this great opportunity.  It is traditional that I respond in such a way.  I have always served the earth.'

'Prophecies become legend.  Legends inspire evolution.  That's our job.'

'The moment is now and humanity awakens from its illusional trance, and now we offer reality.  I have been further advised to offer ngakui water (water that has been struck by lightning - a blessing of procreation) to the public.

'Lighting water harvested in an ancient and sacred way provides ablution and eases energetic transition’s physical sensations.  So, while we create earth bundles to ground in ritual, we send ngakui out to those grounding the dream; we take it inside and feel at one.  We turn out of the “I” through conscious act, and find a cooperative “We.”  We feel as if this same force carries us deep within.  We become one and, with acceptance, we move.  Finally we go through a Doorway of Time and discover sacred companions to assist in the next leg of our journey.  By the time the ngakui ritual is complete, and the Grandmothers have shared their earth wisdom, we will be.

'When the next rite begins we are blanketed in protection, and we feel the electric current within us.  Instantly vision blurs, and we tremble.  We release control.  We look and see.  We will remember the Passing Power.

'In the reversal of earth magnetics, humanity is overwhelmed and caught in electrical shock.'

Continue on to Part 4 - 'Honor generations of Wisdom keepers'

Maria Yraceburu can be reached through Yraceburu EarthWisdom.

Image: Maria with brother of the heart, Alberto Villoldo

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