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Visions of a Dreamer’s incomparable wisdom - Part Two

an interview with ‘tsanti Maria Yraceburu Dreamer of Quero Tlish Diyan by Joe Montoya


Here's Why...

'In New Mexico, Grandpa and a distant cousin, Silas John, passed many of the teachings of Nochaydelklinne on in the secrecy that protected in those early reservation days, where it was a capitol crime to practice the old ways.

'I was born about the time Grandpa was in his early 80s.  By then he was living near what is now Hawley Lake on the White Mountain reservation in Arizona.  My foundational education was from ages 6-10 years of age.  It was applying with nature and immersion in the ancient earth wisdom.

'I was a half-breed, so some situations were difficult.  Both sides in the 60s were easy to find reasons to negate a person.  The history of the Apache wars raged on in my own intermingling bloodlines.'

Life as Maria sees it

'When I was little the creatures of nature were my preferred friends.  Not many people came out to our remote home unless ceremony was happening.  So until I started school I talked to the critters.  My desire was always to be like Grandpa, I saw how his knowledge and actions helped people..  When I was five the sign the elders were watching for appears... I was bit by a rattlesnake... and survived.

'I dreamed a lot in the four days that Grandpa chanted, prayed and administered sacred pa’chua tea.  Every day I would float between realities.  The story I returned with was a vision of confirmation for the elders.  The prophecy of my life had been secured.

'To be honest, there was a great fear I carried in my heart regarding my worthiness to become a guardian of these teachings.  Even today, I get a lot of flak from Natives and non-natives regarding my authenticity and motives... Grandpa suggested that if I would look closely at the prophecies of changing times I would understand why I had been chosen for my task.... only a mixed blood could bridge... act as a translator of perspective to bring about a common ground of understanding.'

Maria speaks of her life’s purpose and initiations as a Holy One

'Grandpa died in 1973.  He had begun exposing me to the cross-cultural traditions of Native North America in 1964.  He would take me to the annual Gathering of Elders, where many great teachers would listen to the stories of my dreams and help me learn interpretation. There are nine initiations - stages of training - that determine lifework and purpose. We were trained in all nine, and then afforded the choice as to which role we felt most empowered in.  Ritualistic ceremony and the way of the ‘tsanti was where I gravitated to, and gradually, through the years, I have been afforded the opportunity to counsel many great healers and teachers.  In 1991, I became the Snake Bundle caretaker... a most humbling responsibility.

'In 2004, during the Snake Full Moon of August, I was at Baker Butte on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, at the head of the General Crook Trail.  I had been going through some rough times - not quite a dark night of the soul, but close - and had challenged my ancestors, who once lived on this very spot, to let me fulfill my purpose and get on with my work.  I was feeling smothered and stagnated in the overwhelming energy of humanity’s apathy.

'Then, I got hit by lightning. I didn’t even fall down, only lost about five minutes in time.  But I have spent my time since learning to dance an ever changing sequence of balancing with the constantly mutating symptoms of lightning initiations - I am in my third and have a total of twenty-four to complete.  I was immediately recognized by extended family members of the Inkan, Seneca, Navajo, Toltec and Cherokee Nations has having begun my ‘tsanti transition.  Shortly there after, Hawaiian, Celtic, Tibetan, Basque, Ifa, and others joined the circle of confirmation.'

It's easy to be

And so it was that in March 2006, it was requested that I bring a group of pilgrims to Hotevilla on the Hopi Reservation by Grandfather Martin Gasheweoma, to hear the prophecies for the new world paradigm.  These prophecies speak of humans becoming humane and the new technology of the future by way of awakening sensitivity and abilities..

This trip manifested nearly a year later.  As the preparation began, confirmation arrived from the Tibetan Buddhist of the work we would do once our journey was completed - and all of a sudden - I became an emissary for the women elders - the Grandmother Wisdom Keepers stepping forth to speak for earth... fulfilling prophecy.  This provided all the confirmation I needed to surrender to my destiny.

Since then I have sat in council with many cross-cultural traditions, been privileged to prophecies and information of the many Coming Together as One... Taanaashkaada.

Continue on to Part 3 - 'Vulnerable to mass hysteria'

Maria Yraceburu can be reached through Yraceburu EarthWisdom.

Image: Maria with sisters of the heart, Brooke Medicine Eagle and Maria Theresa Valenzula

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