yOni would like to acknowledge the many people who have contributed to her...


Dione Green ~ deeyOni

Dione is one of the most recent members of the yOni team. Dione is the mother of 2-year-old Axel Billy and stepmother to Leroy (6) and Jamilla (15). She lives in Byron Bay Shire and loves chic-fic, kakuro and singing Wiggles songs with her son.



Elise Stone

Elise Stone is a mentor of Richard Moss, M.D. a world renowned spiritual teacher. She is a poet-artist-dancer-inspiratrice. She has a private practice in Long Beach, New York combining massage therapy, body centered counseling, and the expressive arts. She has been leading small intimate groups that meet monthly for one year. Through exploring creative movement, psychic defense structures, mediation, poetry, dreams, and energy awareness her students experience moments of altered states of consciousness which activate a relationship to their fundamental nature and the emergence of a deeper authority within their own psyches.
She writes:
"Open to the Unknown and the Unknowable, our lives can no longer be rationalized, compensated for, or confiscated by the ego and other forces operating in consensual reality. Life asks us to take a quantum leap in faith-as we begin to live as servants, referent to the Infinate, the Life that's waiting to be lived through us."


E-mail: bbind@ix.netcom.com

Gloria Graham

Gloria is a writer who has been researching into and offering workshops on menopuase for the past 5 years. A 53 year-old post-menopausal woman she has been running her workshops in New South Wales Australia and is open to invitations to other areas to carry on her work. Her great interest is for all women, and in particular older women, to reach their full power and potential.


Jane Hardwicke Collings

Jane is a mother, grandmother and an independent midwife. She lives in the country of NSW
She has been attending homebirths for 23 years (since 1984). Jane gives workshops on the Women's Mysteries, Pregnancy Workshops - preparation for natural birth, and Teaching the Wisdom of the Cycles to teenagers. She is author of Herstory - wo-manifesto; Thirteen Moons - the how to chart your cycle handbook; Spinning Wheels - a woman's guide to the influence of the cycles; Ten Moons- the spiritual journey of pregnancy, preparation for natural birth; Birthing With The Goddess; Red Moon - the religion of being female, the spiritual practice of menstruation.


Karen Vanasse

Karen lives in Barrington, Rhode Island with her two children, Dylan, age 12 and Richard James, age two. She works part-time at a group home for teenage girls, and writes human interest articles and poetry in her spare time.
Her work appears in numerous publications such as The Woman’s Page, Shoe Woman Magazine, Pussycat Magazine, Innerworks Publishing, as well as her first published book titled “A Woman’s Life in Verse: Volume I” (c.2006, PublishAmerica). She is also a member of the International Society of Poets where her poem “Quiet” is featured in the compilation Immortal Verses.
Karen and her work were featured in her local newspaper, The Barrington Times, in May, 2006.

Kelly Mullaly

Kelly Mullaly, 28, Rhode Island, USA. This is the string of sticky labels I usually attach to myself: pagan, wiccan, witch, healer, writer, artist, existentialist, pro-choice (everything), vegetarian, non-partisan, non-practicing heterosexual, woman. I love to read and doing so usually sparks ideas for my own writing. Alice Walker is my most beloved authoress.


Laura-Doe Harris

Laura-Doe is the editor of yOni, a freelance writer, web designer, singer, comedienne and workshop facilitator. 'Communication is one of my passions. I love words and the creative power of words. I love the freedom that comes from expressing my truth, the rush of energy I feel when I have summoned the courage to utter the 'unspeakable' that lives within me. I love the ability that I have found to help other people express their passion. I love the gift economy that the web supports.

When I arrived back in Australia I formulated a vision of what I wanted my life to be about. It is encapsulated in the words - I choose to offer my creativity passionately, and to be nourished by my offering. yOni is a vehicle that I have created for me and for you, as a place to speak our truth. yOni as my offering. I hope you enjoy her.'


A selection of my other websites:

I specialise in feminine and art oriented sites and in the latest search engine optimisation techniques. Please visit my business site for more information about my web development services.

Lisa Lopez-Finn MS

I have been interested in writing for over 20 years. My life education and formal education were obtained in the Carolinas..(ha!). I am a firm believer in feminist ideals and observe daily the amazing contributions by women. My fields of interest include the female psyche, the human animal, the powerful force of our god given sexuality,and the mysterious forum we function in daily. I consider myself very fortunate to be alive and of sound mind in this wonderful era.


E-mail: Lisamscve2@aol.com



Madonna Sophia Compton, M.A.,

is the author of Archetypes on the Tree of Life (1991) and the editor of the upcoming A Modern Renaissance: The Convergence of Ancient Wisdom and New Paradigms in 20th Century Consciousness. She teaches in the Holistic Studies department of John F. Kennedy University and has been at the forefront of alternative health and consciousness exploration for the past 20 years. Using a variety of transpersonal and holistic models, she facilitates women's groups that focus on the developmental stages of women's initiatory life cycles, including menopausal information and support groups in the Bay area. Her homepage is at: http://www.hooked.net/~sophia8/homepage.html


Melissa Pinol

I am a freelance writer with over 100 acceptances and publications over the last three years. I primarily write
speculative fiction, poetry, and articles on Paganism and disability issues. Some of my recent publications and acceptances include Waxing & Waning, The Beltane Papers, Fagan, Whole Life Times, Popular Subculture, Weird Tales, Glyph, Rise!, Eye Magazine, GenreZone, Spellbound, Fables, and Dialog Magazine.
In addition to writing, I sing traditional and Pagan music, and have recently completed my first CD, "Somewhat Seasonal" with my friend David Elfstone, a hammered dulcimer player.


Michael Lohr

I have published over 500 articles, short stories and poems in such diverse magazines as The New York Review, Vermont Living, Vermont Ink, The Horsethief's Journal, Blue Ridge Traditions, Peeks & Valleys; A New England Fiction Journal, Somniloquy, Illya's Honey, Dixie Phoenix; Exploration In Southern Tradition, Mobius; The Journal of Social Change, Mojo Risin', Of These Autumn Afternoons, and The Phoenix; The International Journal of Heart and Spirit (Spain) and The Power; Native American Poetry Anthology Vol.II.
I am also the US Correspondent for David Hughes' British music magazine, Modern Dance (www.modern-dance.co.uk) and I serve as the poetry editor for the online speculative fiction magazine, Fables (www.fables.org).








Rufus C. Camphausen

Rufus C. Camphausen (1948) is an independent researcher and author with publications in the United States, the Netherlands and Germany. Much of his work is concerned with sexuality and gender issues in ancient and contemporary cultures and with the religious, spiritual possibilities of sexuality. Rufus is married to artist Christina Camphausen in an open, polyamorous relationship. They live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Some of his texts (extracts from the Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom) are available on the Net.




Shekhinah Morgan

Shekhinah Morgan describes herself as a dancer, musician, teacher , creatrix and deeply spiritual woman. She is the author and producer of the very popular Moon Diary which she has been researching and writing annually for the past 14 years. Through her business “Moon Diary Products” , she produces and distributes products to encourage awareness of Women’s Spirituality. In 1996 she also founded the Awalim School of Middle Eastern Dance and Percussion in Bellingen, Northern NSW. This school , which Shekhinah runs with her partner Persia, is developing into a centre for Women’s culture. Both currently perform in TARAB.

Shekhinah's lifelong study of myth, ritual and her quest for Womens’ Spirituality find perfect outlets in these twin aspects of her work. Through her work she feels she has found a way to invite us to participate each day with the natural environment; to make conscious the subtle and ever changing lunar energies and the turning of the seasons. She encourages us to explore our sensory experiences and, as with the dance, to celebrate our physical bodies. For, as she believes, it is in the sensual that the truly sacred dwells.

Shekhinah says “ Both the dance/percussion and the Moon Diary are ways for women to reclaim their own spiritual heritage, to bring the energies of the ‘Sacred Feminine’ into our ordinary day to day lives. They are products of my own exploration of the inner worlds. This journey challenges me to live my ordinary life in a way which recognises the sacred in each and every act and thing. Shekhinah originally trained in classical music and dance and began her working life as a teacher and later a music adviser to the Education Department in SA.

Shekhinah Morgan lives and works in the beautiful Bellingen Valley and can be contacted at PO Box 421 Bellingen NSW 2454 or through her web site www.moondiary.com.au



Artist, author and wise woman, Trinda is yOni.com's official 'crone in residence' and offers her considerable depth of knowledge on feminine archetypes and mythology and ritual practices in answer to some of the questions we receive. Her contributions also include poetry, images and 'writings'.





Many many thanks to everyone who has and is contributing and to all the people who have and are supporting yOni.com in various ways

.... to Steve Miller, my original web guru and the source of huge amounts of valuable information, support and inspiration.

.....to John Oakley for great training sessions, technical support and faith in me.

....to Carmen for lightening typing, boundless enthusiasm, support, giggles and gossip!

...to the Lightforce crew for early inspiration and their pioneering work on Planet Byron.

...to Ross who supports the feminine and has supported this work in particular with heart and dedication

...to Avalon who teaches me daily about mothering and unconditional love

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