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I've lost my friends

A recent experience I've had between two friends who are a couple and have come in between me and a new guy I started dating. My new man is a friend of theirs and I have seen him in the group on quite a few occasions. We always gave each other the idea that we were attracted to eachother. My girlfriend from this couple kept telling me to stay away from him. After a few times of trying to understand why she didn't want me seeing him I found out that she used to like him years ago, which didn't include me as I didn't know these people at the time. My man turned her down because he wasn't interested and also because her boyfriend is his mate. A huge fight erupted between these three, as she told her boyfriend that my man had made a move on her so that she wouldn't get in trouble.

This couple has interfered so much that I have lost friendship with the couple as I can't stand to be friends with people who do not wish me well.

My man recently broke up with me to keep the piece in the group. He does like me and does want me but he is the type of person that thinks it's better if we do not get involved if it's going to cause trouble.

I have been very sad lately and angry, I miss him and want him back. I am willing to be friends with them but they must accept my man and I together.

If anyone has any idea of how I can get better please let me know.


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