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Healing the Daughter Within

In keeping with the theme of 'healing the inner child', each of us I believe has an inner daughter, the kid in us who was neglected, hurt, loved, spontaneous, scared, angry, etc., but above all, maybe,misunderstood by even well-meaning parents. To nurture this inner daughter within me, here are some of the things I'd say or do to heal the child within me. I'd be interested in hearing how others heal their inner daughter, too:

  • Tell her I love her unconditionally and always will.
  • Buy her a gift certificate to a department store and enjoy going with her as she picks out her favorite things.
  • Ask her what hurt her the most in growing up and what I can do to help overcome the hurt.
  • Choose a boyfriend who will befriend her even as he falls in love with the grown-up me.
  • Introduce her to the yOni website.
  • Teach her how to dance.
  • Encourage her to bitch and express her anger in order to move beyond it.
  • Apologize to her for what her mother and father didn't give her and vow to make up for it somehow.
  • Read Little Women with her.
  • Tell her something of the history of women through the ages, and how we no longer have to be victims.
  • Have a sex life which respects her needs too.
  • Re-educate her about sexuality in a healthy way.
  • Ask her what she'd like to be and try to realize some of it in my life.
  • Check in with her about what she thinks about my male and female friends (but I might not always agree!)
  • Listen more to when she feels vulnerable or needy.

Re-discovering me in a moment of spontaneous joy.

Discovering (or re-discovering) my womanhood with the help of this site and other female support systems on and off the 'net is proving to be a beautiful adventure beyond my wildest dreams! I was brought up on a strict diet of male-dominated religion on the one hand, and the influence of some women who denied their own beauty and power, and were so afraid of their complex inner selves, and always trying to fit the norm, meanwhile their intense inner being could not be suppressed and came out in drinking and anger. It is such a joy, then, to find the support and sustenance of women who are seeking their physical, emotional, and spiritual roots and wanting to share it joyfully with others! Today, I was all alone for a while, and, after taking a relaxing bath, I put on some music, and just danced expressively! The spontaneous child in me! And memories poured in of my grandmother rocking me in her lap, my father taking me to the circus, playing volleyball with my girlfriends in college, and climbing Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks! What joy! I hope we can all heal and become the women we were meant to be!

Mary, Gaia, Aphrodite, Kali bless us on our journey.


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