A painted white stick has been my inspiration in life recently. It hangs in my bedroom where I can see it when I wake. A friend of mine sent it to me by request.

Ivan had been working the sound and set crew for a play at his university. In the play they needed a tree. They had watched one over the year and it looked like it was dead. They cut it down, painted it white and bolted it to the stage. The play was set to open two weeks later.

On May 1st.(Beltane), opening day they came into the theater to see the most awesome sight.... the tree had BLOOMED!

After two weeks of being in the dark, painted white, with no water and bolted to a stage it bloomed big huge white and pink flowers and little green buds of leaves!

This is my inspiration. A sign that in the darkest times... when all seems so hopeless, so futile and you don't have the resources to go on, you can find the hidden strength, that last reserve not only to go on, but to blossom!


Stephanie La Forge (Cateline)


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