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The Path of the Mystic Lover: Baul Songs of Passion and Ecstasy.
by: Bhattacharyya, Bhaskar, Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger.
Inner Traditions International. Rochester, Vermont, 1993
ISBN: 089281019X

A must read for tantric initiates of all levels

Ed: Blank, Joani
Publisher: Down There Press, San Francisco, 1993
ISBN: 0940208156

"Outstanding! I thought the book was a triumph of the female anatomy. Never before have I experienced the grandness of the female genitalia without the "dirtiness" of porn connotation. Great work, Joani! As a photographer myself, what I wouldn't give to be a part of a project that educates women with their own bodies."

"You will find these images some of the most beautiful you've ever seen, or be shocked by them. This book is a magic mirror letting you know exactly how you feel about female genitalia. It's a perfect coffee table book." Annie Sprinkle


The Illustrated Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga and Perfumed Garden
Burton, Sir Richard.
Hamlyn, 1987

ISBN: 0892814411

Sexual frankness without a hint of guilt or prurience is the great legacy which the Eastern, and in particular Indian,traditions have given us. As an expression of human culture, and as a pillow book for the modern boudoir, the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana the most famous work on sex ever written the Ananga-Ranga of Kalyana Malla, and Sheikh Nefzai's Perfumed Garden, set forth the principles of sensual pleasure with poetry, wisdom, and humor, celebratinglove as an ecstatic expression of life's beauty.

Here, for the first time, Sir Richard Burton's translations of the classic Eastern love texts have been published in one volume. The first Kama Sutra to be illustrated in color with a dazzling and unique collection of Indian painting and sculpture. These erotic treatises are not sex manuals in the modern sense clinical collections of coital postures but a broader and more humane exploration of Eastern sexual customs.

The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom
Camphausen, Rufus C
Publisher: Inner Traditions, Vermont, USA, 1992
ISBN: 0892813210

Thoroughly friendly towards women and goddesses.
Extracts available on the 'net


Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy.
Chia, Mantak, & Maneewan Chia.
Huntington, NY: Healing Tao Books, 1986
ISBN: 0935621059

Sexual Secrets: Alchemy of Ecstasy.
Douglas, Nik, & Penny Slinger.
London: Hutchinson, 1979
ISBN: 0892812664

This is the #1 bestselling title on the sexual mysteries of the East. Sexual Secrets was the first book to explore the Eastern path of love and mysticism, bringing together more than a thousand years of practical techniques for enhancing sexual awareness and achieving transcendental unity. Features more than 600 original illustrations created by artist Penny Slinger. The undisputed classic in its field, it has been translated into eleven languages since it was first published fourteen years ago

The Vagina Monologues
by Eve Ensler
Villard Press
ISBN: 0375750525

"Down there?" says a composite character in "The Vagina Monologues," Eve Ensler's outrageous, engaging book based on her award-winning play of the same title. "I haven't been down there since 1953. No, it had nothing to do with [American President] Eisenhower."

Ensler, an American playwright and performance artist, wrote this series of hilarious, disturbing soliloquies to elevate and celebrate the vagina, a much mumbled-about, seldom-discussed body part that gets more derision than respect. Drawing on interviews with hundreds of women ages 6 to 76, she channels the cultural squeamishness that allows us to unflinchingly label arms and legs, but compels us to sink to a shamed whisper in the next breath.

Yet who should we blame for this? The very sound of the word, not just its meaning, works against it. Vagina, muses Ensler, sounds like "an infection at best, maybe a medical instrument: 'Hurry, Nurse, bring me the Vagina.'" In nimble efforts to get around this coldly clinical word, women--as well as men and, certainly, children--have lobbed some incredible euphemisms into play: "poopelu," "monkey box," "tamale," "split knish," "choochi snorcher," "Gladys Siegelman"--"Gladys Siegelman?"--and, of course, the old standby "down there."

Ensler swings from silly questions ("If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?") to serious statements. One of the most powerful monologues in the book is a string of jagged, contrapuntal verses stitched together from the memories of a Bosnian woman raped by soldiers. Other pieces treat their subject with fear, loathing, amazement, stunned pleasure, or loving, often embarrassing detail.

A book so intimate is bound to win enemies as well as friends. At times its wordplay is self-important and strident, and its journey echoes an earnest brand of feminist consciousness-raising that virtually lampoons itself. Yet Ensler's fervent mission doesn't deserve to be discounted. "Here's the place to release the myths, shame, and fear," she says. Though offensive to some, the tiny word she wields is marvelously freeing to others. By saying "vagina" over and over in these performance pieces, ignoring embarrassment and deflecting fury, she aims to smash the invisible wall separating women from what she eloquently terms their motors, their centers, their second hearts.

Review by Francesca Coltrera

The Metamorphosis of Baubo: Myths of Woman's Sexual Energy.
Lubell, Winifred Milius.
Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 1994
ISBN: 0826512518

This book tells the story of Baubo, the bawdy joker of Greek mythology. Her characteristic naughty jokes and gestures represent a female energy and power that have been suppressed or demonized by male-centered society. Lubell examines ancient literature and artifacts to show how a positive image of woman's sexuality was slowly redefined as monstrous.

The Yoni Tantra
(an 11th century sacred text from Bengal)
A translation by Lokanath Maharaj can be found
in the lysator archives

The introduction states "Many Western commentators have alleged that the "secret sadhana" was veiled by a twilight language, but the Yoni Tantra explodes this myth. Kaulas were the unlikeliest folk to mince words and the consumption of the yoni tattva--a mixture of menses and semen--is here described in the clearest of terms."

Sexual Slang.
Richter, Alan.
New York City: Harper Collins, 1995
ISBN: 0451165543

Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism.
Shaw, Miranda.
Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1994

ISBN: 0691010900

This study by Miranda Shaw is a must for everyone trult interested in the finer aspects of Tantric Buddhism. The author thoroughly explores the role of women in the development of vajrayana and comes to the justified conclusion that women's role has been much greater than is usually admitted by both Tibetan AND Western scholars. Rufus C.Camphausen

Clitoral Kiss: A Fun Guide to Oral Sex for Men and Women.
Stubbs, Kenneth Ray, & C. D. Chasen.
Larkspur, CA: Secret Garden, 1993

Sex in History.
Tannahill, Reay.
London, Hamish Hamilton, 1980

Images of Lust: Sexual Carvings on Medieval Churches.
Weir, Anthony, & James Jerman.
London: Batsford, 1986

Art of the Bedchamber: Chinese Sexual Yoga Classics, Including Women's Solo Meditation Texts.
Wile, Douglas.
New York City: SUNY, 1992

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For and about Young Women

"Venus in Blue Jeans: Why Mothers and Daughters Need to Talk

About Sex"
by Nathalie Bartle

Where does your daughter get her information about sex? If you don't give her wisdom and advice, you can bet she'll get it somewhere else--probably from a source armed with more myth than fact. In "Venus in Blue Jeans," Nathalie Bartle examines the way 23 mother-daughter pairs talk about sex, and offers helpful suggestions for bridging communication gaps. Read up on ways to seize conversational opportunities, talk in a manner that isn't nagging or didactic, follow your daughter's lead, and help her trust that the topic is open for discussion.


Reviving Ophelia : Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls
by Mary Bray Pipher
Ballantine Books, 1995
ISBN: 0345392825

Also available on cassette

"This is the kind of book that I have been looking for. Besides the magazines that are on the market right now, which really do not have a full grasp of teen girls life, this is the best book for any female to read. I read it as a book for my junior english class, and finished the whole book in 3 days. It was scary that I could relate, if not personally to every story, but through experiences I have shared with my friends. I've seen some of my best friends struggle with eating disorders and depression. This book should be read by EVERY female out there. For teens to help them understand their problems, and for mothers to comprehend exactly what their daughters are going through." A young woman from Wheaton

"Being a single Dad, I look for all the guidance I can get; being well educated, I often turn to books to assist. This book is a winner in all aspects. Though case based, it appears easy to apply the learnings in this book to adolescents: both boys and girls; as well as to adults: both men and women. I recommend this book for fathers, mothers and social workers alike. I agree that it should be required reading in our school systems."

At adolescence, says Mary Pipher, "girls become 'female impersonators' who fit their whole selves into small, crowded spaces." Many lose spark, interest, and even IQ points as a "girl-poisoning" society forces a choice between being shunned for staying true to oneself and struggling to stay within a narrow definition of female. Pipher's alarming tales of a generation swamped by pain may be partly informed by her role as a therapist who sees troubled children and teens, but her sketch of a tougher, more menacing world for girls often hits the mark. She offers some prescriptions for changing society and helping girls resist.

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Wicca and Witches

Drawing Down the Moon.
by: Adler, Margot.
Boston: Beacon, 1981
ISBN: 014019536X

Drawing Down the Moon is a detailed history of a little-known and widely misunderstood movement. Margot Adler provides a most authoritative look at the religious beliefs, experiences, and lifestyles of the neopagan culture.


The Witch on the Wall: Medieval Erotic Sculpture in the British Isles.
by: Andersen, Jørgen.
Copenhagen, Denmark: Rosenkilde & Bagger, 1977
ISBN: 8742301823

Availability: This title is out of print, but if you place an order Amazon will attempt to find you a used copy within 1-3 months.

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