Actions and Words

Actions speak louder than words they say

But all your words gave your lies away

You claimed to love us, you claimed to care

But your attitude laid your feelings bare


I've re-read my journals to review the facts

And found early on you began your attacks.

Your fantasies weren't of love and respect

But of violence and anger and lives to be wrecked.


Remember the day that you grabbed my throat?

Taking great pleasure in the pain it brought?

Or the fantasy in which you said

You wanted to rip the scalp from my head?


Remember the day that you got caught

Because of your actions against my daughter?

The days you screamed of your murderous rages

The petty control games recorded on these pages.


We've long tolerated your pathetic abuse

But soon we'll be free of your psychopathic noose.

The facts revealed, your lies found out

Not "eternal helper" but "eternal lout".


Libby '96


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