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I'm the bitch from hell.

I think you know me well.

I am the dark goddess

kali, hecate, lilith, morrigan, ereshkigal

These faces of the feminine are much less easily acceptable than those of Aphrodite the Goddess of Love or Demeter the Great Mother. But it is in the energy of the dark goddesses that a vast store of feminine power lies.

kali is the creator and the destroyer. She is depicted as one who cuts off the heads of men. Scary stuff! But this is a symbolic representation, it is not actually their Life she is after, simply their Ego.

The dark goddess lives in us all. Often suppressed and denied she will eventually leak out in hostility and sarcasm, with sly cutting digs, nagging, gossip and put downs. She reveals herself at her most ugly in our closest relationships. Liz Taylor in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe" plays her out admirably. Jung calls her the 'animus suppressed'. She is everything that nice girls are not. Suppressed too far she turns her destructive energy inwards and creates depression and disease.

The energy of the dark goddess brews and bubbles in the belly. Suppressing her simply adds bite to her words when they do manage to escape. If the energy of fermentation in a bottle of rich wine starts to become more than the cork can contain the wine will ooze out. If we ignore this and shove the cork back down harder the build up will become greater and next time the leaks will become spurts. Finally the pressure will shoot the cork off completely and the precious liquid will be lost. This is the path of denial, of refusing to acknowledge the truth that needs to be spoken. The alternative is to appreciate that bottle, to nurture the rich gift that is brewing, turn it and tend to it and to choose when the cork should be removed and the sweet dark flavour be offered to the world.

Accepted and celebrated the dark goddesses give us the strength to overcome the fear of rejection and to dare to stand in our truth and tell it how we see it. This is an enormously empowering experience.


Bitch Contents:

  • It Must Be True - I Read It In The Paper ~ Why does Australia rank so low on the list of countries with the most freedom of the press?
  • Big Girls Don't Lie ~ how Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas used bulimia to disguise her narcotics addiction.
  • Warrioress ~ this poem calls on us to stand in our power
  • The Shadow Knows ~ Evelyn Henry discusses how coming to know our darker side can be a valuable and empowering exercise.
  • The BITCH BOARD ~ Use the Bitch Board to let off steam about your pet hate. Catharsis can be therapeutic. Blow your rage out into Cyberspace and you can be free of it.
  • Witches Bold and Brazen by Gilli Smyth of Gong and Mother Gong.
  • Dark moon ~ Carmen's writes of the journey into dark places within.
  • 'Don't tell your Mummy!' - Anger would be a very natural reaction on discovering that your daughter has been sexually abused. One woman tells her story of coming to terms with this situation.
  • Kali, Hecate, Lilith ~ A wealth of information on the dark goddesses researched by Rufus C Camphausen.
  • Facing Death - Embracing Life ~ What would you do if you discovered you only had three months to live? - an article by Nirado Griffin.
  • Love is always the answer - a woman's story of her struggle with Bulimia
  • Revenge of the toolman ~ A lighthearted piece from Peter Hughes in which he puts forward his ' Law of the Conservation of Male Anger'. This maintains that 'The level of hostility and violence against the feminine in our patriarchal system always stays the same; only its form changes.'
  • Actions and Words ~ Libby's poem is about the struggle to move on from an abusive relationship.

Members only section (click here for subscription info):

  • The Legacy of the Dark Goddess - Michael Lohr writes about the legends of Ereshkigal and Innana in the ancient land of Sumer.
  • Provider - a graphic introduction to the celtic figure Morrigan
  • The Bitch Poem (or "It's really quite a compliment")
  • Aprils poem cries out eloquently against the use of our sacred names as terms of abuse.
  • The Slut Manifesto by Lizzard Amazon
    A powerful piece of writing on the perception of women as a commodity. The slut manifesto pulls no punches. Not for the faint-hearted!.

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