Why is surfing the Internet so much like conscious sex?

Ever wonder why the Internet is such a turn-on? Why it is so popular and growing so fast. Easy! The Internet is a lot like sex, conscious sex, that is.

What is conscious sex? The enlightened mystic Osho defined the ecstasy of conscious sex this way:

"Because of three basic elements in sex, you can come to a blissful moment. The first is timelessness. You transcend time completely. There is no time. You forget time completely; time ceases for you. Not that time ceases, it ceases for you; you are not in it. There is no past, no future. This very moment, here and now, the whole existence is concentrated. This moment becomes the only real moment."

"Secondly, in sex, for the first time, you lose your ego, you become egoless....You are not, neither is the other. You and your beloved are both lost into something else. A new reality evolves, a new unit comes into existence in which the old two are lost."

"And thirdly, for the first time, in sex you are natural. The unreal is lost, the facade, the face is lost; the society, the culture, the civilization is lost. You are a part of nature!You are in a greater something - the cosmos, the Tao. You are just floating, you are taken by the current. "

"These three things give you ecstasy. Sex is just a situation in which it happens naturally."

Losing yourself in the timelessness, the anonymity and the vastness of the Internet can be a real high! But, let's face it, it's not the same as the magic, the meditation and the bliss of really fulfilling, conscious sex. The Internet is, however, a fabulous place to learn more about it. For some of the best web sites to visit, click here.


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Last updated: 13/2/2005

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