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Barbara Carrellas, Sex Educator, Sex Positivist and Pleasure Activist, offers a holistic, metaphysical, practical, humorous and entertaining approach to conscious sexuality. After a long and successful career in the New York theatre, she turned the focus of her work and her art to sexual healing and sex as a spiritual path as a result of her work with people with AIDS

Barbara has facilitated countless healing circles and support groups for women, artists, transsexuals, people with life-threatening illnesses and people with HIV/AIDS. For four years she was a facilitator for and on the Board of Directors of the New York Healing Circle, which was founded in response to the AIDS crisis and incorporated the principles of Louise Hay's work. As her workshops grew in popularity and in attendance her work expanded to include people from all walks of life and in all stages of their sexual evolution.

Barbara has combined her experiences in Tantra, Tao, Quodoushka, Reiki, rebirthing, metaphysics, performance, ritual, herbal medicine, bodywork and erotic massage into unique and pioneering workshops for women and men that create a vision of what conscious and sacred sexuality can bring to an individual's personal journey and to the healing of sexual abuse and misuse on the planet.

She has been featured in the videos Selfloving, The Sluts & Goddesses Video Workshop, Orgasm Scrapbook, in the film Sacred Sex, and in the HBO television special Real Sex. She is currently writing a book on sexual healing and working on a video and a series of audio tapes. She has collaborated with Annie Sprinkle to present a new/ancient vision of female sexuality in theatrical form in MetamorphoSex, a week long workshop for women culminating in ritual/ performances.

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