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I get many requests from people asking where they can find out more about sexuality and spirituality. Here are some of my favorite books, video, music and art works. They have inspired me, excited me, educated me, tickled me, thrilled me, given me chills, made me mad, made me ecstatic, made me think, made me cry, made me laugh, or make me tingle on my sexual/spiritual journey. I hope they'll do the same for you.


"Sexual, Energy Ecstacy - A Practical Guide to Lovemaking Secrets of the East and West" by David & Ellen Ramsdale

When I am asked which single book about sex I would recommend, this is always the one. It is the best collection of Eastern & Western sexual wisdom available in one volume. It's beautifully written, easy to understand and features hundreds of methods and techniques all folded into a wonderful philosophy of Conscious Sexuality. I especially like it's even balance of hard/yang and soft/yin sexual styles. This is a book you'll go back to time and time again -- I do!

1985 & 1991, Peak Skill Publishing, P.O. Box 5489, Playa Del Rey, CA 90296


"Sex for One - The Joy of Selfloving" by Betty Dodson

The best book ever written about masturbation. This is the classic revolutionary work by the "mother of masturbation", Betty Dodson. Betty takes the shame out of selflove and shows how it can be a liberating, satisfying vital form of sexual expression. The joys of masturbation, Betty saoeys, are "not just for kids, or for those in between lovers, or for old folks who wind up alone," but can be enjoyed as a primary source of pleasure by everyone throughout his or her life.

Recently updated (1996). Published by Harmony Books, a division of Crown Publishers, Inc., 201 East 50th Street, NY NY 10022

Also available on Video: Selfloving, Portrait of a Women's Sexuality Seminar.

I'm partial to the video--I'm in it!


"Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom - Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing" by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

This is the most comprehensive and ground breaking holistic medical guide for women ever written. Besides the huge amount of information on sexual and reproductive health,* Women's Wisdom powerfully demonstrates how women can virtually heal themselves with complimentary alternative medical methods and mind-body guidance. There has never been a book that more clearly shows how physical health is inseparable from spiritual health. "Our bodies are our allies in the search for health and healing. Listening to the wisdom of our female bodies is the path to self-discovery and joy."

1994, Bantam Books, 1540 Broadway, NY NY 10036


"The Multi-Orgasmic Man - How Any Man Can Experience Multiple Orgasms and Dramatically Enhance His Sexual Relationship" by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams Arava

Multiple orgasms for men? Yes. Yes, Yes! Mantak Chia is the leading teacher of Taoist sexuality in the West. Douglas Abrams Arava is a wonderful entertaining writer. Together, they have produced one of the best books ever on male sexuality. It's clear, practical, easy to understand and entertaining. There are easy detailed exercises, clear illustrations,' a great discussion of female sexuality and pleasuring a partner. It includes a chapter on gay male sex, provides answers to the problems of premature ejaculation, impotence, infertility and decreased sexual appetite and offers ways that women can help their partners--and themselves--be multi-orgasmic.

1996, HarperSanFrancisco, a division of Harper Collins Publishers 10 EAST 53RD ST., NY NY 10022


"Gender Outlaw - On Men, Women, and the Rest of us" by Kate Bornstein

Gender Outlaw is a fascinating and brilliant story of Kate's transformation from heterosexual male to lesbian woman, from IBM salesperson to playwright and performance artist. More than just a coming-of age story, Gender Outlaw is also one of the best explorations ever of society's notions of male and female, the myths attached to them and the penalties that befall not only those who break the rules but anyone who blindly follows them.

1995, Vintage Books (a division of Random House), New York. Paperback


Books by Osho

Osho is a mystic who spoke and wrote of the search for harmony and wholeness that lies at the core of all religious and spiritual traditions. His works cover an astonishing range of spirituality, politics, love, creativity, science and education. Two of my favorites are "Tantra, Spirituality and Sex" and "Sex". Both are small books, full of long forgotten secrets and inspiring quotations, linking sexuality and self realization.

"So do not fight sex and do not be against it. Only by not being against it can it be transcended. Then what is to be done? Be aware of it. Do not fight it. Know it and do not go into it unconsciously. This is the secret of opening a new conscious in the act, because being very conscious in the sex act becomes a deep meditation...if you can be conscious in the sex act, then there is no other act in life in which you cannot be conscious."

You can order these books, plus many other Osho titles from:

Osho America, P.O. Box 12517, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2517

1-800-777-7743 (toll free) / (602) 905-2612 / (602) 905-2618 (fax)

or visit the Osho Web Site at


My favorite CD is "The Calling" by Raphael and Kutira. You can breathe, undulate, dance and surrender to the pulsating sounds of didgeridoos, whales, drums, Hawaiian chants and songs with the lush harmonies of Raphael. The level of ecstasy escalates as music calls forth the ancient spirits of land and ocean. I play this music constantly - it makes me feel like I am making love all the time.

Visit the Kahua Hawaiian Institute Web Site to hear "The Calling" and these other ecstatic recordings by Kutira and Raphael.

"The Opening" - Joyous Celebration music

"Tantric Wave" - A cosmic love song for Tantric union

"Like an Endless River" - Excellent music for massage and meditation - An invocation of the Mother Goddess, the calling of the spirits and the angels


I have so many favorite artists! The two I'd like to share with you today are:

Annie Sprinkle! Annie is a world renowned artist, author, photographer and sexual healer. She has spent lifetimes exploring and researching the subject of sex. She is funny, warm, shocking, soothing, enlightening and simply brilliant. Visit Annie online. Check out her recent creations and latest performance schedule.

Colin Heaney! Colin Heaney is one of the world's foremost glass artists. His most recent creations are glass goddesses, inspired by the ancient carving known as the Venus of Wilendorf. Each one is hand made and simply exquisite. I use Colin's goddess in my workshops. They have a magical power that seems to inspire and transform every group and individual who meets them. Best of all, you can see and order Colin's goddesses right here in yOni.

Web Sites

These are some of my favorite web sites. I won't say anything more about them, just click and enjoy!

Annie Sprinkle's Home Page

Church Of Tantra

The World of Osho

Kahua Hawaiian Institute


And, my absolute favorite web site: yOni.

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