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the yoni art links page

These galleries celebrate the many aspects of the feminine and their flowering into works of art. Enjoy!


My personal favourites:

In 'The Art of Woman' Australian photographer Margaret Kalms aims "to give women a positive image of their bodies especially menstruation"




The Making of Myths - Your instincts become your guide
in this fantastical dream world created by Suza Scalora.





The fabulous cyberart of Steve Miller.
What to say .. mkzdk is sexy!



Flowers Of Passion
The Intimate Art of Christina Camphausen - an exquisite celebration of the female 'flower'.



Art sites submitted by yOni readers:


A site full of the magic and mysteries of woman.




Sue's Art Gallery
Pastels, paintings and etchings by Sue Loder and other artists from London UK.



If you would like to submit a site for inclusion into the Yoni artlinks page please drop us an e-line.

video seminar on female arousal
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vaudeville of the vulva - a unique comic cabaret with laura-doe and the vulva underground

'Do the Kegel' - a catchy song to help you do your kegel exercise - a women's magazine dedicated to the re-emergence of feminine culture